Things to do and see in San Francisco

Undoubtedly my favourite city in America. Though I wish I had more time to explore, I still managed to visit the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and Napa Valley wine region. The bright coloured townhouses and buildings make San Francisco a unique and vibrant city.  Unfortunately, tickets to see the Alcatraz prison were sold out months in advance- a tour I would have loved to experience. The ferry for the tour leaves from Fisherman’s wharf- a spot definitely worth checking out. You can see the prison from a distance.


In the cold and foggy mist of the July period in San Francisco you would be extremely lucky to get a perfect view of the Golden Gate bridge. Depending on what time of the day you go, the bridge may even be completely covered by the thick, grey fog. Either way, it is a site that can’t be missed. I took a series of photo’s from a range of locations near the bridge. The close up shots were my favourite as I feel they capture the bridge in all it’s glory.


You would have to set aside an whole day if you were visiting the Napa Valley. It takes around four hours to drive, and depending on how many wineries you want to visit, you could easily spend an hour at each place. Arguably, the most frustrating and perhaps off putting part of the experience is that you have to pay for the wine tastings. Not really an activity for those who are trying to conserve money on holiday. I’m not a huge wine connoisseur- so I was happy enough to bask in the sun and take in my surroundings, which were truly breathtaking. The wineries are extremely prestigious, boasting an extensive range of wine and cheese. If I could recommend one winery it would be the… (picture right below). You can purchase food inside and have your own picnic among the trees.




Los Angeles fast food guide


Warning: not for the health conscious. I knew there would be no escaping the copious amounts of mouth-watering fast food in America. I developed a bucket list inside my head that I slowly ticked off as a I ate my way around the country. I started with in-n-out burger. A place I had heard so much about, seen featured in many movies, and dreamt about eating. Surprisingly, there weren’t as many stores in California as I expected…but I still managed to get my hands on more than one of the ever popular, and, in my opinion overrated burgers in the world. Simplicity is the key as in-n-out. A pretty stock standard cheese burger, and hand cut french fries. 10/10 for packaging and branding, 8/10 for taste.


Mel’s drive in has been featured in many movies, my favourite being American Graffiti. In this case, I thought I would give it a go. Delicious food, enormous servings. Happy me.


And of course I had to include a photograph of one of the many giant pizza slices I ate after a night out.


….and Hooters! Although the idea of eating from Hooters seems a little bit tacky…the food is actually really good. Highly recommend the curly fries. I went to the store on Hollywood Boulevard, plenty to do and see around there. A good place to stop and eat.


Los Angeles Culture Festival

I was walking aimlessly along Hollywood Boulevard one afternoon when I noticed groups of people dressed in colourful costumes of all different cultures and backgrounds. Little did I know, the Los Angeles Culture Festival was about to happen. A celebration of freedom of all people from all different cultures. The parade proceeded down Hollywood boulevard where thousands of people gathered to either participate or spectate the event. Below are a few photographs which represent the vibrant colours and atmosphere.



Motels of Americana- A photo essay

I found that emerging myself in the Architecture of the USA allowed me to develop an overall feel for the country.  I grew particularly fond of the motels. All so different yet intriguing. The water-stained walls, cracked ceilings, and bright coloured signs made me feel nostalgic at times and with this interest I began taking photographs.

The first motel pictured below was taken while driving along the route 66 in the eastern part of the Mojave desert. I did some research afterwards to find that after being defunct for many years, the motel is now being largely restored. Side note: Enrique iglesias’ film clip Hero was also filmed here.

IMG_5524 copy

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